Here it is my Model Building Friends

The Emmerich has BEEN COMPLETED...with the assistance of my oldest son this dream has come true!!! The core of this ship is the start of his battlestar that he was building in honor of his Grandpa Vic - Guardsman.

This is the core of the Guardsman that Lucas had started when he was 15 years old...

It has been sitting outdoors for a long time in a bin...

He was so Excited to be a part of this new adventure...and I believe Vic would have been just as excited!!!

So here it is, the new plastic - over the old...

Getting the underside figured out, I'm sticking pretty close to the original shape...however there are going to be many changes to the Surface of the Emmerich...

There will be constant updates as the ship progresses - and when it is done...we'll see how she is received.

you can also follow the build on Modelers Miniatures and Magic

The Next set of Developments HERE!!!

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Here we go - the start of the final work on the Emmerich    Jan 3

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Feb 16    Feb 17    It is finally coming together!!! Feb 18

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Here Begins MARCH 1st    Mar 4    Mar 5    Mar 6 Paint!!!    Mar 8    Mar 9    Mar 14    Mar 15    Mar 19    Mar 20    Mar 21

Mar 22    Mar 23    Mar 24    March - The New Camera!!!

Mar 27a    Mar 27b    Mar 30

The CRATE has been built - May 8, 2011

The CRATE Continues...1st layer Foam  May 14, 2011

Nameplates DONE - Project Complete - PICS HERE!!!


The journey is Complete - The Emmerich is in California INTACT...  Pics HERE!!!