Galacticon III, Houston Texas - a weekend I will never forget !!!


Friday Night Opening ceremonies...I had the honor to be on stage with both cast's of Battlestar Galactica!!!

to be a part of this as a humble model builder - and FAN!!!  was amazing.  Especially to have Andrew Probert on my left, and Boomer- Herbert Jefferson Jr. on my RIGHT!

Andrew Probert - wondering about my latest creation

LOL....Cylon Repair!!!

Col Tigh Terry Carter and Boxey...Noah Hathaway

Eric Chu - creator of the re imagined battlestar and the Re imagined Cylons...

my little corner of the Con...

just wished I could have had this bloody thing finished...

Bojay!  Jack Stauffer

Lee Stringer - Head CGI Artist for the Re imagined Battlestar

Leah Cairns

Lady Jessica...or should I say Officer

Andrew - photo bomb!

I am Honored to call the Creator of the Enterprise Motion Picture, and the Enterprise D - also responsible for work on Airwolf, and the father of the original Cylons - My Friend!!!

and a goof to boot!!!

Dale Long!!!  Thanks for my time on stage!

Buford T Justice!!!

Zefram Cochrane - Well Done!!

Eric Chu, Muffin, and another Andrew Photo Bomb!!!

Andrew Probert, Sarah Rush, and Myself!!!

Lee Stringer, Myself, and Eric Chu - The Cylon GOD!

Perfect Replica Nostromo Jacket!!!

and hat - only wish I could have taken this home!!!  Only Kidding Lee!

Sarah Rush, this lady is lovely beyond words!!!

Michael Hogan - This man is a star, a friend, and an amazing MAN!!! he played under the Half Size RAIDER with the creators son, playing with LEGO's for over and hour!!!!  Wish I had gotten a pic of that!!!