Canadian Sea King Development Page!

Here it is the start of a 1/48 scale nightmare...almost!

HOTEF wanted the door open on this Sea King.  The kit does NOT give you this option.  So a little CAREFUL surgery is required to get the door open.

With out causing to much damage to the kit itself!  This actually came out easier than I had thought!

This shot is not the greatest! But the door area's have been filed down, and the door glued into the open position!

The holes...that now must be filled in!  this is where your scraps of sheet plastic come in handy!

Through the door you can see some details, inner ribs, seats, and so on!

Just the start of the ribbing...

Again, I need a better camera!

Then the Start of the sonar buoys! Thanks Mike Belcher for the conversion bits!!!

Other developments...

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