Architectural Models

This 1/40th scale model was built to represent the changes to the Angus L. MacDonald bridge in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia. It depicts the transformation from a two lane roadway, to a three lane roadway with a suspended walkway and bike lane on either side. The model is approximately 6 feet long and 4 feet high. Made of sheet styrene, it presented a challenge as each (and ALL) girder had to be made from scratch, there are currently no model material available for such details in this scale.

This 1/72 scale model depicts the Shearwater Aviation Museum, showing the present buildings to the left and front, and the proposed addition to the rear right. The model is approximately 4 feet square.

The roves remove to show internal detail. This model was built entirely of sheet styrene (except for the aircraft shown...come on now...I am not that nuts!)


This museum now exists as I built it all those years ago...

This 1/144 scale model was built for fundraising purposes in an effort to build a new Yarmouth Community Center.

It is an exterior representation only, and has no interior detailing. The modular buildings in the rear are the existing buildings of the Fair Grounds in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

I often wonder if this ever got built for real!

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