National Aviation Museum-Ottawa...  I have waited a  L O N G  Time to finally have the chance to actually come in contact with the aircraft I have built, studied, and admired for so LONG!

Here are my pictures, Bill Eggleton took all that you see here, and my SINCERE Thanks to all the staff at the National Aviation Museum for their kindness and help this day!

First Touch...have you ever had the chance to finally touch YOUR dream...have you ever known that that time was near, and when it happened it was more than you could ever imagine!  This day was one of mine.

HAWKER HURRICANE MK12 - All I could do was take all the details in...see if I knew my "Lady" as well as I do! I was in TEARS when I finally walked up to this machine...

I've waited my entire life to be this close to a Hurricane.  This is, was, a dream come true...

Life is what you make it.  I have seen Y OA  from The Hamilton collection fly many years ago...but I could never get this close!

Resting on the prop of a dream....

I will NEVER forget this day...My "lady" lived up to all my expectations!

Now if I could only "Sit" in there!!!  Next year I guess!!!

A RARE Find...Avro ARROW Wings...WOW is all I could SAY!

Another Chance at TOUCHING History!

BF-109F Messerschmitt complete with bullet holes!

The nose of the same Aircraft!


Hawker Sea Fury!  My God what a beauty!

Harrier, in US Marine Core Markings!

HOLY! $%#$  this thing is BIG!  WWII Mosquito!

And my other Dream Machine!  P-51 Mustang!