Other models

How's this for something different??? The challenge within a group of Model Monsters was to do something with a '57 Chevy....imagination is a wonderful thing!!!


SeaQuest DSV, Too bad the show didn't last! ONLY the first season really mattered...it GOT Dumb after that!


Millennium Falcon, "Refit Finally". My first SERIOUS Sci-Fi Diorama project. Over a year to complete.


Millennium Falcon, the bigger version! this is a 1/24 scale model of my 3rd Fav Ship!

Built from scratch, this model has the distinction of being autographed by David Prowse.

It was displayed with other STAR WARS models at a local Theater for the re-release of the Trilogy.



The model has NOT Been lost - I'm very proud to say that this has been in the care of the family that ran The Capricorn Restaurant !

So Happy to know that she is indeed NOT LOST - That in time I can get this model back...My Sincere thanks!