Soviet "TYPHOON VII" Submarine Development Page!

After 15 years of wanting to... after seeing "The Hunt For Red October"

Two years of actually planning... and another two years of LIFE Getting in the way!

Studying, Searching, and NOW I HAVE THE chance to try...

Here it is.  This will be a 1/96 scale model.  I'm going to develop this project to cast copies.  As many as I can.  The whole  impetus for this project is The Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, in Greenwood Nova Scotia Canada.  The first model out of the molds will be going to her new home at this Great Museum.


The pic on the left is a full printout of the model size.  All 68 inches of it!  The red and white checker table cloth in the pic is covering a full size steamer trunk...The other pic is a poster done up for me by a very good friend!  Man I cannot thank you enough for this!

So when all is said and done, I will have these HULLS ONLY Available... write me who's ever interested!!!

Development pages are as follows...Click on a date!

Sept 17, 2005    Sept 18, 2005   

Feb 9, 2007 it starts again...    Feb 12, 2007    Feb 13, 2007    Feb 20, 2007

Feb 20, 2007 Evening Developments

May 28, 2007

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October 4, 2007