RMS TITANIC, Final Resting Place...a history of my builds.

Here is an Overview of my History of Building the Titanic Wreck Site...throughout my Web Site are other pages showing more information on how I build and research these Memorials to all those who perished.  I have done many of these models.  I never Tire of building these.  For everyone I build I learn more and more about the wreck site and how manned Exploration has affected this Shipwreck...

Thank you for your attention!

Robert S LePine

Titanic, Final Resting Place...Attempt 1, in 1/48 scale (About 9 feet long).  I really had no idea what I was doing at these early stages of my Model Building.  However, you only learn when you try!!!

Titanic, Final Resting Place...II.  This model was built in 1/72 scale and worked out to be 6 feet long.  Another exercise  in learning.  Did all my work from the Ballard book.  Didn't really pay attention to the fact that most of the diagrams in the book were OLYMPIC... More Images HERE...


Titanic, Final Resting Place III, 1/115 scale (4 feet)- This was a commission build for the Bedford Institute of the Atlantic.  This model Lived there for over 16 years...before I was asked to re-build it (Titanic VI) and send her to Bermuda!!!   More Images Here for III and VI

Titanic, Final Resting Place IV, 1/72 scale ( 6 feet)  this was another Commission for the Baltimore Maryland Science Center for their Titanic Science Exhibit.  More Images here!!!


Titanic, Final Resting Place V...1/72 scale (6 feet-and this was a re-build of Titanic II)  Honestly this one is my FAV of all I have built!!!  This is how I envision the wreck site if I could walk up to her and touch the Hull!!!  This Model was a commission for the Johnson GEO Center in St. Johns NFLD!!!

Titanic, Final Resting Place VI, 1/115 Scale - This was the Re Build (Corrections made from 16 years ago - and Updated to 2004 Information)  for the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.  More Images HERE!!!

Titanic...BIO Display - This was a comparison between the 1985 Find of the Titanic and the current information from Dr. Ballard as of 2004.  Each wreck was painstakingly detailed and researched to show all the changes.  The display case that they have at BIO left a large space between the models, and you couldn't see all the detail that I had done in the break area's aft showing off all the boilers.  So I built a half model of a half ship showing just these details...hence Titanic VII VIII and VIII.5

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