She is now complete and on her way to her
new home in Baltimore.

Never again will I doubt the power of the internet!  To Andrea Dixon, My Thanks Lady!

Imagine my shock when I get an e-mail from the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, Maryland USA... asking me if I wanted to build another ship memorial for them! After seeing images on "The Official TITANIC Scale Model Page", they approached me to build another large scale model for them.

Here we go again!!!

I have lots of photos, so follow these links to see the ship in progress....and the final shots of this dedication to those lost in the tragedy, and the families who struggle to this day...

Port Side Skinned In this photo, the wooden frame begins its transformation into the ship. It is skinned with sheet styrene plastic. Yes, old store signs can be used in a pinch.

Break Support Frame This shows the support frame necessary to handle the drastic angle of the break. Over the years the angle has gotten increasingly steep as the ship slowly falls in on herself.

Break Details Begin The detailing begins, showing the exposed boilers, the deck supports, and broken metal.
Side View and Break Another photo from an angle showing the break, and side contouring.

Base Coat and Deck Details Begin A base coat of black to show where she needs further contouring. Also the beginning of the tedious deck detailing.

Break Details Continue Adding more details to the violent break where the ship tore into two main pieces as she sunk to the Ocean floor.

Contours with Blow Torch The bending and shaping of the plastic is accomplished with a practiced hand and a blow torch. Heating up the plastic just enough for it to warp, and guiding the hot plastic into shape.

Rusticles Begin The ship is slowly being consumed by a life form called Rusticles. To get the effect of the consumption, tub caulking and a tooth pick do the trick.

Deck Details Continue The detailing of the deck took some imagination. See how many things you can identify.
Crane Details These cranes are made completely from scratch. Research has shown that the Rusticles are eating away at the bases, causing them to slowly tip over.

Base Coat and Rusticles A uniform base coat on the ship and the paint magic begins. Deciding on the true colors is a challenge as there are so many factors to take into consideration; lighting, sediment, film type. The Rusticles begin to "take over" the ship.

Sediment Covered Bridge The ship begins to take on her eerie, ghost like appearance, with the Rusticles giving the effect of her melting into but a memory.

Sediment Covered Break With the base coat of color, the fine details achieved with airbrushing and shadows, the ship shows the trauma of the seas tearing her in half.

Imbedded in the Ocean Floor Impacting on the Ocean floor, a considerable amount of the bow is under the sediment layer. The depth of the imbedding leads to many theories as to how fast she was descending.
Rusticles Galore The ship is covered with the life form known as Rusticles. They range in color from "rust", to orange, red, brown, and gray.

Turned on Her Side Just so there is no doubts about Her travel abilities, a heart wrenching few moments were endured to make sure she could withstand a sudden shift.

The Lady Weeps It is hard not to think of the tears shed for those lost in the tragedy, when it looks like the ship still weeps for Her passengers. All the souls who's journey turned into an eternal one.
Final Touches A few final details and she is ready for her next journey, across land, finally arriving in the United States.

The model is traveling to the United States in a wooden case designed to slid over the top of her and attach to the base. Locked and secure, she heads to Baltimore.